Direto do Usability News:

1. Use text messaging to reduce the social intrusion of a call.

2. Enable the “Silent” setting on your mobile phone in public places or open offices spaces.

3. Use text messaging like a pager.

4. Use text messaging as a notepad.

5. Change your voicemail greetings to include: “Don’t leave a message, rather text me”.

6. Instead of leaving a voicemail message send a text.

7. Use text messages to send regular updates on a business process directly to a customer’s mobile phone.

8. Avoid the inappropriate use of text messaging.

9. Ensure that there is an opt-out mechanism for consumers when sending out marketing messages via text.

10. Use a desktop messaging solution.

Acho que fica bem clara a importância das mensagens de texto, né? É interessante saber usar este recurso para nos relacionarmos com nossos contatos pessoais, profissionais e – obviamente – com nossos clientes. Nos primeiros casos, o mote é priorizar as mensagens de texto; junto aos clientes, além de priorizar, é importante saber usar, respeitando os limites e as vontades dos clientes.