The Web Is Ruined and I ruined it

Every so often, dredging through the muck and mire of hopeless self-promotion and autodidacticism saturating the World Wide Web, one encounters an exotic specimen: the Web Head who truly merits it. David Siegel is not merely a self-proclaimed “HTML Terrorist,” he has been so anointed by knowledgeable and right-thinking SGML/XML purists everywhere.

Web 2.0

Does “Web 2.0″ mean anything? Till recently I thought it didn’t, but the truth turns out to be more complicated. Originally, yes, it was meaningless.

Accessibility Is Not Enough

A strict focus on accessibility as a scorecard item doesn’t help users with disabilities. To help these users accomplish critical tasks, you must adopt a usability perspective.

Learning to learn

Modern Western education teaches us collectively, and then kicks us out to beg for a job where we will work, for the most part, individually. No wonder this crazy system, which gets it exactly backwards, is so inefficient and dysfunctional. What if we were to invent an intelligent system, one which recognized that we learn in unique and individual ways. What would it look like?